SkinFaktor Cosmecutical Range

We have chosen Skinfaktor  Cosmecutical Range because of the unique formulations of ingredients. The Skinfaktor range gives our clients outstanding results whether it be for Home Care use or in Salon with the Medilift™ Signature treatment.

The Medilift ™ Professional treatment combines Poly Abrasion and Shibata™ Needling. The molecular structure of the Skinfaktor products and their delivery system ensures a perfect balance of nutrients for the skin to perform at its best.

Skinfaktor have designed their range to address premature ageing, spots and breakouts, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tones. Not only does SkinFaktor Cosmecutical Range addresses your concerns but with the “REFILL” system you can save money when you repurchase your products. This also reduces wastage and contributes to a more user friendly environment.

Skinfaktor is a prescription only product and the client must have a thorough skin consultation. This is to ensure you have the correct products for your skin journey. Contact your Skin Essentials therapist today.

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Showing 1–12 of 16 results