Skinfaktor Hyaluron Complex 30ml


Skinfaktor Hyaluron Complex helps activate hydration, soothe, calm inflammation and plump the skin. As with all of our products a consultation is required before purchasing.


Applying Skinfaktor Hyaluron Complex to your skin is like giving it a drink of water. The combination of ingredients Hyaluronic Acid (50kD), Soluble Collagen, Bisabolol and Panthenol work to activate hydration, soothe, calm inflammation and plump the skin.

Designed to give visible results to a red, irritated and dehydrated skin. Skinfaktor Hyaluron Complex is for daily use in your home care routine either am or pm, or both.

In the salon it is one of our most popular after treatment products.

Apply on to two pumps into your hands and warm for 3-4 seconds. Massage evenly into a cleansed skin on your face and neck.

In the morning you can use this product after your Eye Contour. In the evening use it after your Skin Corrector. Followed with  your day or night moisturiser. PLEASE NOTE: if you use too much of the Hyaluron Complex it will feel very sticky and uncomfortable on your skin.

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Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 5 cm


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