Skinfaktor Refill Pods


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Let’s save the environment and your money!
Skinfaktor Refill Pods are available for 80% off the product range. When your Cleanser, Corrector , Enzyme , Complex or Cell Light or Rich
is empty you can purchase a Refill Pod to top up. Simply keep your original bottle and come in for your pod.

You will save 20% on the original purchase price of the product.
Together we can reduce the wastage for the environment. All the directions are available in the box on how to swap the Skinfaktor
Refill Pods over . If you are having trouble one of our Therapists will gladly help.

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Skin Corrector Refill, Hyaluron Refill, Hyaluron Plus Refill, Lift Complex Plus Refill, Cell Light Refill, Cell Rich Refill, Enzyme Refill, Purifying Refill, Brightening Refill, Deep Cleansing Gel Refill, Element Protector Refill


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